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Types of Female Breasts
March 28th, 2009
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Female Breast Cleavage - Closer View
Female Breast Cleavage - Closer View

Breast shapes

As faces of people are different, so also are breasts.

No two women will have identical breasts.

The size and shape of the breasts depends upon genetic factors, regionalism, diet, climate and several other factors.

Though there are several variations of breasts, some types can be classified broadly as follows:-

Common Breast Types (shapes)

(i) Perfect Breasts - The perfect breast shape is quite a rarity. In both medicine and esthetics, the perfect breast shape is the one in which the nipple points outwards, parallel to the ground. There should be no sag and the breast should be supple and well-toned.

(ii) Swooping Breasts - This shape is the one in which the breast slightly bends inwards above the areola. There is no sag however. Due to the bending of the breast, the nipple points upwards, inclined to the vertical.

(iii) Saggy or Ptotic breasts - Saggy breasts are commonly found in women as their age advances. These breasts droop downwards, causing the nipple to be pointed downwards too. Saggy breasts may have more or little volume, depending on the amount of fat tissues in them.

(iv) Small Breasts - Small breasts are breasts that have very little volume of fatty tissue in them. Small breasts also have small nipples and areolas. There is very little substance between the nipples and the pectoral muscles.

(v) Tubular or Constricted Breasts - These are actually a defective breast shape which may be cause due to hernia in the breast tissue. They are visible as tubular or narrow cylindrical in shape, with very small nipples and areolas. Their base is also small, and the two breasts may be far apart.

(vi) Augmented Breasts - These are a severe condition of tubular breasts. There are visible anomalies in the shape of the breasts.

(vii) Pectus carinatum or Pigeon Breasts - These are severely deformed breasts which lie almost flat on the chest. They do not look like breasts at all. These are caused due to a congenital defect.


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